In Office Essure – Permanent Sterilizations
Permanent Peace of Mind for Women Whose Families are Complete

Imagine gentle, hormone-free birth control without surgery. Imagine effective birth control that frees you from ever having to worry about unplanned pregnancy. Essure is an in-office permanent birth control procedure available at Advanced Women’s Health Specialists in Lake Mary and Deltona, Florida.

Advanced Women’s Health Specialists Offer Permanent Birth Control

Female health issues, especially contraception, are complicated. Advanced Women’s Health Specialists Lake Mary and Advanced Women’s Health Specialists Deltona make life easier with Essure. This permanent birth control procedure works with your body by creating a natural barrier against pregnancy.

The Essure Process

Essure is an in-office procedure. It takes about 10 minutes and requires no incision, no general anesthesia and a short (1-2 day) recovery. It has been used since 2002 and is covered by most insurance providers.

At Advanced Women’s Health Specialists, our Essure-certified doctor places a tiny, flexible insert into your fallopian tubes. The insert is made of the same materials used for cardiac stents and other medical devices used inside the body. By creating a barrier between the egg and sperm, Essure prevents conception. Three months after the procedure, your doctor takes an X-ray to confirm that the fallopian tubes are blocked. Until then, you must use another form of birth control.

Is Essure Right for You?

Since Essure is permanent and non-reversible, it can work for women who are certain their families are complete. Essure is considered 99.8% effective; in four years of clinical trials, no pregnancies occurred among Essure users. The Essure confirmation test requires a contrast dye test. If you are allergic to contrast dye or are sensitive to nickel, you may not be an Essure candidate.

If your family is complete, consider Essure. It’s a simple 10-minute procedure that could change your life.

Learn More About Essure

Is Essure right for you? To find out, schedule a consultation with one of our Essure-certified doctors. Call Advanced Women’s Health Specialists Lake Mary at 407-834-8111 or Advanced Women’s Health Specialists Deltona at 386-775-8484. You may also want to visit the Essure website .

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