Solving the Problem of Heavy Bleeding

Menstruation is a normal monthly occurrence for women of childbearing age. Each woman experiences a different amount of blood flow. If you find yourself changing your pad or tampon hourly, if your bleeding lasts beyond a week or if you bleed between periods, you may have an underlying problem. The caring, skilled experts at Advanced Women’s Health Specialists can provide solutions.

Understanding Your Body

The soft tissue lining inside your uterus is called endometrium. Every month that you don’t become pregnant, this lining fills with blood and sheds. Though menstruation is a natural process, some women experience excessively heavy bleeding. A procedure known as endometrial ablation can relieve women of heavy uterine bleeding.

Before suggesting ablation, your gynecologist will rule out any other causes of abnormal bleeding, such as hormonal imbalances or pregnancy. Your gynecologist may perform a hysteroscopy, a diagnostic procedure that allows an interior view of your uterus. Advanced Women’s Health Specialists provide hysteroscopy procedures in our Lake Mary or Deltona offices.

Endometrial Ablation

Endometrial ablation is a commonly performed surgical procedure that permanently removes the endometrial lining. Using thermal energy, the gynecology doctors at Advanced Women’s Health Specialists “ablate” or destroy the uterine lining to prevent it from growing back. The procedure seals blood vessels and controls bleeding. Depending on your condition, this process will eliminate or reduce your blood flow.

A Convenient Approach to Treatment

Minimally invasive techniques allow the physicians at Advanced Women’s Health Specialists to perform endometrial ablation on an outpatient, “same-day, back home” basis. Most women return to work a few days after the procedure. Our doctors have a great deal of experience, having performed hundreds of successful endometrial ablation procedures.

Life after Ablation

After endometrial ablation, you will need to avoid sexual intercourse, strenuous activity and active sports for two weeks. You will have a six-week follow-up visit at Advanced Women’s Health Specialists to make sure you are healing. While it’s highly unlikely that you could become pregnant after ablation, you should continue using birth control. If your family is complete, you may wish to discuss sterilization options with your gynecologist.

For many women, relief from heavy bleeding brings a renewed sense of energy and freedom. It’s a change that allows them to enjoy everything life has to offer.

Learn More

You don’t need to struggle with excessive bleeding. The health experts at Advanced Women’s Health Specialists are here to help. To schedule a consultation or to learn more about endometrial ablation, please call Advanced Women’s Health Specialists Lake Mary at 407-834-8111 or Advanced Women’s Health Specialists Deltona at 386-775-8484.

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